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Everybody knows that speaking English can boost your job opportunities and let you earn a higher salary but how can you practise and improve the language everyday without spending a fortune?

You've always dreamt of practising your English in an authentic English-speaking environment but let's face the truth. You won't be able to stay abroad for ever, and if you do, you won't be a teacher of English in your country any longer, where people need to learn English.

Many teachers or advanced students like you, are reluctant to speak the foreign language with colleagues because they consider it a waste of time, but what other chances do you have when you're back in your home country?

When you travel around the world you'll have lots of opportunities to speak English with so why not doing it at home.

Here are some ideas to practise your English at home

If you still look down on those who are non-native speakers, who will trust your ability to speak the foreign language in a professional enviroment and pay you the money you deserve?

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