Teaching English Through Trip Pictures

by © Monica Di Santi

teaching English with pictures

"A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away" -Eudora Welty

Taking pictures during your trips allows you to keep fresh memories of your adventures. Everytime you look at that picture, you bring back to life the atmosphere, aroma and emotions you experienced there.

The photographs you collect during your trips give you a wonderful opportunity to get unique, authentic material to motivate your students.

Students are always curious about teachers' personal life and real stories. So, you will easily engage your students if you create exciting learning activities with your trip pictures and videos.

One way to easily share your pictures is to publish them online or uses multimedia projector in class.

Looking at the potographs, students can:

So, next time you travel grab your phone, ready get set, go! and get great pictures to create your own teaching materials.

Give these techniques a try with these pictures of England. Have fun!

Any other ideas? Please share them here.

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