After basking in the sun or feasting in the cozy warmth of crackling fire for days, being awake till the early hours and sleeping late in the morning, it's really hard to go back to your job routine.

According to Humilda Robles Ortegas going back to work gives you physical and psychological symptoms such as tiredness, sleepiness, quick heart beat and anxiety, making you feel awful.

How to Make this Transition Easy

  • Make room for a transition time between the end of your vacation and the beginning of commuting again. Arrive home one or two days before starting to work and have a good sleep so you will turn up in good shape the very first day.

  • Go back to work after holidays

  • Every time you feel like not going to work, focus on the reasons why you have a job. You earn a living and have independence. You also get satisfaction from the job you do such as raises in salary, promotions and paid vacations you have just enjoyed.Stay positive!

  • The first day at the office don't try to catch up with everything in one single day. Starting will get you on board soon. with the most important tasks when you're fresh in the morning. Do it at your own pace.

  • Be selective when attending meetings and making calls. Make them short and productive. Have lunch or meetings with people you feel comfortable and enjoy the encounter.

  • transition back to work after holidays

  • Have a plan for your first week. It would be great if you can do it before going on a leave.

  • Start your social network posting schedule, doing a little and increase the activity little by little the first week.

  • Leave you auto responder on for at least two days after your arrival and on all those on line channels of communication, make yourself appear as busy, or away so you won't get so much press on you.

  • post-holiday blues

  • Do exercise.Breaking the day routine with strolls in the fresh air or just walking from one office to other, stretching yourself in the bathroom will make you feel physically and mentally better.

  • Use the 5-minute relaxation technique. Concentrating on your breath rhythm you can just close your eyes, watch your breathing and relax in a few seconds. This can be done anywhere, any moment.

  • If you still feel bad, remove negative energies applying the EFT techniques This is an emotional freedom technique that removes emotional barriers that are oppressing you.

  • Don't feel guilty because you are doing less. Everybody goes through the post-vacation syndrome.

Going back to work is not easy but if you bear in mind these tips and get some free days regularly during the year, it will be much easier to start working again and feel happy and empowered.

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