The previous days to your trip, you are excited packing your clothes and day dreaming about your next adventure abroad that will let you leave your routine behind.

You take a regular travel tour and start a non-stop four-week tour of getting up early, gobbling up breakfast and rushing to the hop-on hop-off bus to spend the rest of the day sightseeing and having fun. When you arrive back at the hotel, you take a quick shower and plunge yourself on your bed to fall sound asleep till the alarm rings again.You jump out of bed groggily to repeat the previous day routine. A bit tiresome, isn't it?

Wouldn't you like to get a slow-paced trip abroad to really appreciate the beauty and richness of architecture, culture and people? If your answer is yes, the best option for your next trip is a culture trip.

What is a culture trip?

A culture trip is an organized journey that let you enjoy not only the best tourist attractions but experience the culture first hand at your leisure. You have the chance to be in touch with experts and insiders who will talk to you about their own towns or regions.

When you take a culture trip you have the opportunity to inmmerse yourself in the culture from the first day of your arrival.

During a culture trip you can:

  • Connect with local people
    This is extremely important if you want to see the culture from the inside and not as a sightseer. If you stay with a local family you'll access an excellent source of culture and local information and will experience a real intercultural experience.

  • Put your foreign language to test
    Using your foreign language to communicate with native speakers to survive in a new culture may be a challenge in some cases but you'll gain confidence and fluency during your stay.

  • Attend a Foreign Language Course
    Meeting new people and making friends is easy when you attend a course. Besides improving your foreign language you, get an international certificate that will boost your CV. Lovely!

  • Have a deeper cultural experience
    Besides sightseeing the most attractive tourist attractions you can stop by museums of fashion, famous authors homes or festivals, concerts,theatres, and small towns with great personality.

  • Discover other cultures
    In an international environment English is your best ally to get to know other cultures. Making friends from different cultures, exchanging information, and tasting their food will enrich you a lot.

  • Enjoy more free time
    If you like strolling, gulping ale and lager, feasting on ethnic food or shopping you'll need extra time to enjoy unforgettable moments.

  • Check if you would like to live there
    Staying in a town for sometime, living with locals and attending a course give you the opportunity to assess what life is like in that place and if it would be a good to settle down there.

So if you really want to experience a new culture from the inside, a culture trip is for you. You can do it by yourself, with a friend or with a group and have much more fun.

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