It's not news to say that English is a lingua franca used for international communication, travelling, banking , sports, banking, jobs and higher education.

English is also the oficial language of the European Community, United Nations and many international institutions and companies.

According to David Gradoll, in The Future of English, there are 375.000 millions of native speakers of English,375.000 millions who speak English as a second language and 750.000 millions who speak it as a foreign language.And, in the next decade, 2 billion people will be learning English. That's lots of people!

Nobody can neglect the importance of learnig English to progress in your professional career,business and country's development.

Being a fluent speaker of English you enhance your professional value and are able to get highly-paid jobs at home and overseas:

So, if you want to get a great job, travel the world and earn a lot of money, you have to learn or brush up your English today.

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