How A Bunch Of Dead People Can Teach You To Speak English

by © Monica Di Santi

Improve your foreign language acting out

Yes, dead people have left a great legacy you can use whenever you want. Surf the Internet and you'll find famous plays that can teach you to speak English.

All the world's a stage.
William Shakespeare, As You Like It

Plays are not only a type of entertaining literature but they also are a story where dialogue gives life to scenes. This is a great feature to exploit if you want to improve your foreign language fluency.

From Shakeaspeare to Bernard Shaw's plays, including the contempoary Harry Potter and the cursed child,plays are a great source of fun and wisdom at the same time. .

Benefits Of Acting Out A Play

Resources To Start A Drama Group With Friends Or Students

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

You can get lots of ideas taking part in international Art festivals like Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. It's the biggest in the world and they offer shows day and night during August. Amazing, isn't it?

You can also attend a drama course while visiting Scotland or England.

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