If you want to study in the Uk and are keen on science, Nottingham is your destination.

Nottingham is the home of revolutionary scientific discovery that benefited people all over the world

In 2005 Nottinghan was named by goverment as one of the country's 6 science cities because Nottingham has an impressive history of scientific innovation and creation, benefiting people all over the world.

62,000 people work in science in Nottingham and more than 30,000 students study science at Nottingham's universities, creating a constant fascinating growth in the field.

Bio city provides a home for developing revolutionary research in biotechnology and health care.

Medipark brings together Nottingham's medical science communities in just one place close to Queen's medical centres, one of the most famous teaching hospitals

Bio city, The University of Nottingham and Science Park are three improtant sites for science in the city.

Scientific Innovation

  • George Green's studies in physics and mathematics were the base of Albert Einstein's research and discoveries.

  • Norman Rutherford invented the first video recorders in Nottingham

  • the MRI scanner was invented in Nottingham and is used all over the world.

  • a well-known and effective pain killers, ibuprofen, was discovered in Nottingham in the 1960s.

  • Nottingham Trent University has a singular environmental chamber that help top athletes to adapt to any type of surrounding conditions from Qatar to Antartica.

  • A way of seeing through all the paintings layers has been developed in Nottingham, helping mastespieces to be kept in great conditions.

  • Scientists are working on worldwide research project into pioneering new vaccine treatments for cancer patients.

  • A super broccoli is being developed and it may help to fight cancers of the stomach, lung, prostate and colon.

So if you're a science person and want to have an exciting saty in the Uk while you study English or science, Nottigham is the place for you.


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