profit from your foreign language

Many Latin American students love the idea of profiting from their foreign language skills but most of them have a low level of English.

They believe that if they spend a month or two in an English- speaking country, they 'll find a shortcut to their proficiency in English. Right? Wrong.

It's true that being in an English-speaking enviroment will accelarate your learning but if your stay is short, the main questions you should ask yourself are : Where will I start? and where will I reach?

If you travel abroad with little knowledge of English, you'll get frustrated.And, If your goal is to study and work, you'll find it even more difficult because you have to use the language to communicate in the workplace.

Many students believe they can survive making gestures but this is not serious when considering a job abroad. Few to no employeers will hire somebody who doesn't speak the local language properly.

But if you study the language at home and reach a low intermediate level, your stay abroad will be much more profitable because you'll:

So, if you want to profit personally and professionally from your English, the best thing to do is to learn the basics at home and then enjoy it abroad.

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