Travelling to England to improve your English language skills is a great opportunity to be exposed to every day language.

To boost this golden learning opportunity it's a good idea to live with a local family and take part in all social activities organized by the school staff.

Depending on he time of the year and the age of participants the social activities may vary but here's a list of what you might expect:

social activities in language programmes

  • Visit Museums
  • Museums display large collections of artistc and historic elements physically and virtually. There are more than 55,000 museums in 202 countries.

    Some of the most famous British museums are: The British Museum, Tate Gallery, Madame Tussauds among others.

  • Bowling Afternoon
  • Are you good at bowling or will this be your first time? Anyway, you'll have a great time throwing the balls along a lane to knock over pins.

  • Walking in the City
  • Most school offer you a walk around the city on the first day of your arrival just to know the area. Walking around a new city is exciting and refreshing. Every spot provides you with an exciting discovering instant that excite your senses and let you enjoy every step you make.

  • Movie Afternoon
  • Relax and enjoy a great movie in English, featuring your favourite celebrities.

  • Pub Night
  • English pubs are simply great. You can drink over the counter or have a delicious meals. Many British pubs are packed with historic information. Enjoy! British Pubs

  • Karaoke
  • Are you good at singing? Karaoke is an entertainment activity in which people take turns to sing part of well-known songs over original sound tracks. Start getting ready now! Start getting ready right now

  • Disco
  • A nightclub where people dance to pop music together with friends. Do you like dancing?

  • Ice Skating
  • It's the ability to move over ice skates. Many people do it for fun outdoors tracks or indoors on special rids

    Best places to ice-skate in England?
    Ice-Skating Clubs and Associations
    Eleven places to ice-skate in England

  • Picnics
  • Where would you like to have a nice picnic? Near the Sea? In the country? In some hidden places?

    Discover the best spots to picnic in England.

  • Volleyball
  • Playing volleyball with firends while you practise your English is a great way to improve your English

    Find Local Clubs and Events

  • International Evening Prep
  • A gathering to celebrate different cultures and nationalities. You can wear your traditional National Costume and feast on international snacks.

  • Drama/Dance
  • You'll have the opportunity to act in a short play.

    Express yourself with your body. Just relax and enjoy!

  • Laser Quest
  • Have you ever played this game?

  • Visits to Zoos
  • Top 10 zoos in England

  • Barbecues
  • Sharing great time with friends, while grilling some meat outdoors.

    The BBQ Society.

  • Canoeing
  • if you're close to a river you can canoe. Canooing on the river Cam.

  • Food Parties
  • A great oppotunity to share traditional food form your country with your classmates

  • Concerts
  • England has lots of world-know bands that offer concerts in many places

    Upcoming Concerts in London

  • English Club
  • Improve your English with game

  • Football Clubs
  • Football Clubs in UKYou can visit Stadiums, play football and watch matches.

  • Talent Show
  • Do you have a talent of signing, dancing,playing an instrument? Here you have a great oportunity to show your talent and have fun.

No matter what activities you choosse you'll certainly have a lot of fun while your English improve exponentially.

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