Speaking a language means to be able to express your ideas and emotions through it. You know exactly what I'm talking about if I refer to your mother tongue, right?

But what about a foreign language? Many people brag they speak the language but only know a few phrases; others have attended courses for years but they withdraw when invited to speak the language. Too bad, isn't it?

The activities you do with a language are: 50% of the time you listen to the language, 30 % you speak, 14% you read and 8% you write. This shows listening and speaking are the two most important activities.

Now, listening to new input each times gives you the best opportunity to improve the language because that's the way it works in real life. Everytime you interact you listen to understand, negotiate meaning and give an answer that reflecys your feelings and opinions.

No matter what level of English you have, if you don't practise it you lose it little by little.The language becomes dormant in your mind and sounds rusty when you utter a few words, probably in an important situation.

Fortunately the solution is easy. You only have to speak, to keep it active, and because the mind is muscle it needs constant training. It works the same way gym does. The first days you go to the gym you have to make an effort and your body aches but as the days passed by the activity becomes more pleasant and rewarding. Wow!

The foreign language you speak has to become part of you, your personality, the way you look at life. If this is not happening to you right now, you have some work to do.

Interact with others is an inherent rewarding human activity,that is not only pleasant but helps you feel at ease when using your foreign lnaguage. Keep in touch and speak fluently!

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About the author

Mónica Di Santi is a travel study consultant at E1-network.com.

With more than 15 years working as teacher, translator and web writer. She holds a master degree in Linguistics an is the author of Fun with Languages.

Her articles and stories have been published in USA , Canada and India.