Travelling abroad is a great source of education and entertainment, helps you grow as an independent and well-rounded person, and put your survival and linguistic skills to the test.

Teachers of a foreign language should travel to the country where the language is spoken at least once in their life to grab the benefits.

  1. Enrich yourself with an international experience. Travelling abroad means much more than improving your English. From the moment you arrive at the airport you are challenged by an international environment . People interact in different languages or make an attempt to speak to you in stammering Spanish or English.

    Enjoying a first hand experience is amazingly positive. Going to restaurants and pubs, shopping, travelling by underground, bus or train, chatting with locals or attending classes. Also, living with a local family will enhance your expeierence, taking you to the heart of culture itself.

  2. tipical British food

  3. Brush up your English When you don't live in an English-speaking country your foreign language can become rusty so, travelling to England is a great opportunity to test your English and brush it up, improve your pronunciation and fluency. Aadd a trip abroad to your planner every two or three years. Buon voyage!

  4. Brush up your English

  5. Refresh your teaching ideas and come back home full of new ideas. Attending a short refresher course for teachers will let you discover tons of ideas to use in your classes,ready-to-use handouts, inspect new teaching techniques and updated materials.

  6. Refresh your teaching ideas
  7. Make your classes more lively With all those pictures, adventures, your students will be delighted to hear what you have to say and your class materials will be authentic and unique.

  8. making classes more lively

  9. Become multicultural sensitive Living with a local family and attending classes with students from different cultural backgrounds will help you enhance your appreciation for other cultures.You'll learn about different cultures and go a bit deeper and discover the values behind cultural behaviour. You'll realize how importantpoliteness and punctuality are for English people .They are courteous, prompt and efficient.

  10. become multicultural sensitive

  11. Networking Teacher Refresher courses are great to network with teaching professionals from different parts of the world, make new friends and learn about other countries' teaching enviroments and classroom realities.You can also share your experience and innovative ideas

  12. Teachers networking

  13. Build up authority. If you teach a foreign language , even if you have a university degree, something is still missing.

    Language is not the same as .Mathematics or science. You're teaching culture because language and culture go hand in hand. According to The Oxford Dictionary , culture is The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. This means that to round off your competence in teaching a foreign language you should get close to the culture. You can be in conctact with English-speaking residents and international associations in your country, but nothing will surpass the experience of travelling to UK, standing close to Big Ben and enjoying the hussle and bustle of the vibrant city of London.

  14. Visiting big ben

Now that you have learned why travelling to England is so important for you, start getting ready for this amazing adventure.

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