International Teaching Qualifications

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International Teaching qualifications

As a non-native teacher of English you have two challenges: to achieve English proficiency and a professional teaching qualification to get teaching jobs.

After graduating in your country as a teacher of English, it's a good idea to seek an International Teaching qualification as well as the opportunity to immerse yourself in the foreign language culture to refresh your language and teaching skills and have a first hand experience in an English-speaking environment.

If you're interested in certifying your level of English you can take one of the Cambridge exams listed here but if you're interested in an International Teaching Qualification, read the options available below.

Some Popular Teaching Qualifications

Though some of the International Teaching qualifications are targeted at native speakers, it's a good idea for non-native teachers to attend these courses and get an international teaching certificate.


It's a foundation/developing Teaching Knowledge Test. The 5 week course gives you the opportunity to increase your confidence in teaching through the learning of TESOL theory and methodology.

You will observe qualified native speaker teachers, peers and will work in team teaching to finally get your certification.


It's a foundation/developing certificate in teaching English to speakers of other languages and it's intended for new teachers or those with no experience in teaching. The 4 week courses offers you the opportunity to improve your theoretical as well as your practical knowledge. Your work is assessed by a Cambridge tutor and there's no final exam.

YL extension to CELTA

It's a developing certificate and it's the right course for those teaching children or teenagers. During the course you will teach children with different abilities.

To get this certification you must pass three modules: Teaching Practice, Written Assignments and Professional development.


It's a developing/proficient in-service Certificate in language teaching. This 3 week course for non- native teachers of English who who have already taught at least one hundred hours and have a level of English which enables you to communicate effectively with your peers and teachers and during the required exams.( B2 on the CERF)


It's a proficient/expert Cambridge Diploma in English Language Teaching designed for teachers with a few years of experience who want to update and refresh their teaching knowledge.

To attend the course you should have:

Course Modules

You'll be awarded a certificate for each Delta module you approve and a Delta qualification with three modules approved.

Trinity Certificate

Trinity College offers an International Teaching Certificate to speakers of other language and if you're not a native speaker of English you have to get a good score in IELTS or TOEFL exam before attending the teacher's course.

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