When teenagers take part in international programmes, they study, relax and have fun.Teenagers participate in different social activities in the evenings and explore new destinations on weekend excursions. They make lots of new international friends and grow in many ways.

Explore a new world

Travelling abroad without their parents is a fascinating adventure for teenagers. It boosts their self-steem and confidence.

Become independent

Living far away from their families teenagers learn to deal with daily chores, ask for help and solve their own problems.

Develop culture awareness

As soon as they arrive into England, they'll have to deal with new norms, different people,contrasting behavior and exotic food to which they'll have to adapt.Teenagers learn that human beings can provide different solutions to the same problem.

Value their home, family and country

Every teenager wants to feel free but once they are away for a week, they'll miss their home. They'd love to be with mom and dad and eat their regular meals. They feel proud of their origin.

Become tolerant

Being in another country, teenagers meet people from all walks of life and they learn to accept different ways of dressing, behaving and speaking. This blend enriches their own experience and make them more tolerants.

Enjoy teamwork

Teenagers love to be in groups and these programmes provide plenty of opportunities to take part in social activities, excursions and regular classes.They'll have lots of fun

Improve their English

Being inmersed in an English-speaking country and attending English classes regularly,teenagers soon understand and speak English fluently.

So if you want your teen to take part in these enriching experiences in UK, USA, Canada or any other destination, contact us and we'll help you to choose the right institution for your son or daughter.

They will certainly develop a stronger personality, self-esteem, tolerance while speaking English fluently. They will reach full growth while having fun.


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