Toefl exam is a widely recognized international English language exam for non-native speakers.More than 9,000 agencies, universities and colleges accept it as a legitimate proof of your command of English.It's also used for study and work visas.

  • International experience Taking an international exam lets you set your foot in an international enviroment. The exam sessions are conducted in English and probably the procedure will be a bit different from what you expect even if you take the exam in your home country.

  • Purpose and direction An international exam not only certifies your level of English but gives you purpose and direction to your effort and dedication to the foreign language.The exam lets you set clear goals and find plenty of materials to help you, such as guides, exercises and practice tests.

  • Academic English If your purpose is to study in a foreign university, the international exam will let you know in advance what it means to study a subject in English as the reading comprehension session checks how much you can understand and infer form academic texts.

  • Develop your linguistic skills When you study to take an international exam you skyrocket your level of English because you focus on your reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities and improve them to the level that will allow you to pass the exam.

  • Convenient features Though you still can take the exam on paper where internet is not available, the exam is mostly administered via internet at testing centres and you will be done in about 4 and a half hours.

  • Meet people with similar interest Taking an international exam gives you the opportunity to meet like-minded people who can turn into your partners to study or travel together or simply support each other in your endeavours. Today, it's easy to get in tocuh with people who are far away via Internet and even work together.

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Taking the TOEFL exam is easy, convenient and rewarding even if you don't plan to move abroad in the near future.

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