Travelling abroad can be intimidating. You visit places with different languages, geographies and social customs. Also, the amount of money needed to pay for all your expenses can be a challenge if you'd like to work and travel and stay longer.

If you wonder how you can make your trip smoother and more enjoyable you can get some information on the web, ask experienced travellers and even better download several helpful and popular applications to your phone.

  • Currency converter
    Most countries have their own currency and if you want to get a real sense of how much you're spending the chances are you'd love to convert that amount into your currency on the spot. You can quickly do this with this trustworhty and well-known app.

  • City mapper
    An award-wining application that offers you great information about public transportation in any city.It shows you the best way to travel from one point to another. Great!

  • Weather pro
    Get weather forecasts from two million cities with only a click and dress accordingly though if you're in London the chances are an umbrella should always be at hand.

  • Google translate
    Translate phrases and words into 90 languages and you can even use your camera to translate into 26 languages. Though human translation may be more reliable than this application it works wonderfully for single words and phrases you can see in the street.

  • Foursquare
    A great app to find a place to sightsee, eat, drink or shop in your aerea. This way you don't waste money or time.

  • Sun Exposure
    If you want to enjoy a sunny day without getting burnt this app can tell you when your skin is at risk if you provide your location + the kind of protection you're using on your skin.

Travelling today is much easier if you carry all these travel friendly apps in your pocket. They are your perfect travelmates.

What apps do you use during your trips? Please sharethem here!

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