Travelling makes you healthier and smarter
  • "We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us." Anonymous
  • Anxiety,fear and depression are some of the symptoms you have to live with as a consequence of leading a stressful life. You visit the doctor, have some health screening tests done and drink medicine to find some relief but sooner or later the symptoms come back.

    If this resonates with you, you have a great opportunity of releasing these symptoms just travelling, a scientific research has just discovered.

    Travelling will make you feel reborn and open to enjoy every minute you spend on your trip. You will switch off your mind from negative or worisome thoughts and enjoy the present. No doubt your best way to relax.

    • A sequence of traumatic events, including a cancer diagnosis hit Abigail's life.

      Falling into a deep depression she had medicine that kept her in bed most of the time.

      One day she planned to visit a friend of hers far way and travelling healed her.

      That journey changed her destiny.

    Powerful Reasons to Travel

    Relaxation strenghen your inmune system, make you more resistant to aging and turns you into a healthier person.

    So next time you feel anxious or depressed, consider taking a break up, visit new places and enjoy yourself while you heal your body and mind.

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