How to Enjoy a Language Program Abroad with your Family

by © Monica Di Santi

language program abroad with your family

If you are short of time and want to squeeze most out of your holiday why not combine a trip with your family where you combine quality family time, self-improvement and fast children's development, all together.

Have you ever thought of using your holiday to relax, explore and immerse yourself in a new culture? It is an excelent inversion because you can pay once and get two different things: Vacation plus polishing your foriegn language.

Vacation with your family

Travel with your family, stay together, enjoy your free time together while attending a course according to each family member's neccessity.

Sarah used to study Spanish for a while and then travel to Spain with her family. Her dad liked to experiment with the new language so all the family put into practise what they have learnt. They had lots of fun.

Children, teenagers or adults can enjoy greatly language programs for families. Share quality family time with your family in a new culture and get some time for your own development, attending a language course during the morning.

Psychological studies show that 75% of children's character is an imitation of the sorounding people's behavior he is exposed to and only 25% is made up of inborn features.Parents and family has a strong influence on children's personality and attitude.One of the first elements children imitate is language.

According to Facts of Life, fourth edition, children shape their behavior copying those around them. So travelling with your family, meeting people from different cultures, being kind to others and learning a foreign language will be great opportunity to facilitate their learning of a foreign language.

Activities to do with Children

European trip

Next time you think about where to travel with your family, why not go for a great language adventure together?

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