Italian in Italy

Italian in Italy

Rome is in an "ancient city", and the largest city in Italy. Rome has heaps
of history and allows you to learn the Italian language, while providing
you with a colourful history lesson.

Besisdes the opporunities Italy has to offer, this school organizes various
activities for after school. If you want, you can tour the region, visit the many
museums in the city and discover its charms.

Spanish in Spain, Argentina or Santiago de Chile

Our Language School in Madrid is downtown, in the vicinity of Puerta del Sol,
known as the “ Kilometer 0” of Spain. Located in such a central area, students
will be sure to experience life in the very midst of Madrid.

The School is located in a historic townhouse – a beautiful turn-of-the-century
building. The main part of the school is on the top floor
and offers and excellent view.

French in France

 French in France

Learn French in a fun and enjoyable way, sharing every-day life with
native speakers. Savor the cuisine, the history and art,and at the same time
practice what you learn in class the whole time.

Besisdes the opporunities France has to offer, the school organizes
various activities for after school. If you want, you can tour the region,
visit the many museums in the city and discover its charms.

German in Germany

aleman en alemania

Our Language School is situated in a charming neighbourhood close to downtown Frankfurt. it is an area full of pubs and traditional cafes, where you'll find some of the most interesting museums just around the corner.

Frankfurt is the financial capital of Germany and also one of the most culturally diverse cities in Germany. Frankfurt prides itself in having the most amount of foreigners and it is one of only four European cities that have a significant number of skyscrapers.

Portuguese in Brazil

Salvador da Bahia is where our Brazilian Portuguese language school is located. Salvador da Bahia is located on the coast of Brazil and is a wonderful place to learn Portuguese.

The school has 4 classrooms, a library for study hours, a coffee shop to talk and meet other students, and a classroom with computers and Internet access. The school is located in the city of Salvador da Bahia and only a few meters away from the magnificent beaches of Brazil. The beaches Praia do Forte and Morro de Sao Paulo are ideal for water sports and activities, and just for enjoying the wonderful atmosphere of the city.

Chinese in China

chino en la China

Beijing school is one of our language schools, offering Chinese courses. Beijing should be the frontrunner when choosing a language school in China.

Study Chinese in Beijing will provide you with language skills but it will also be a cultural adventure, especially if you are from the west. At our Beijing School you'll be sure to learn Chinese in a fun and enjoyable way and you will also get the chance to share every-day life with the people of this country.

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