Language and Teaching Methodology

  • language development and phonology
  • contemporary idiomatic use of English
  • teaching materials exploration
  • techniques to develop students' spoken and written skills
  • teaching with videos and computers
  • role-play in language teaching

English for Teachers of Other Subjects

If you teach Maths, history or any other subject in English this course is for you
You'll be able to acquire tecniques to improve presentations and CLIL theory

Creative Teaching

  • Exploring ways of being creative with booktexts, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, storytelling, music, poetry, drama and movement.

British Life and Culture

  • revision and updating of its contemporary language
  • popular culture
  • literature
  • people in the media
  • royalty
  • education
  • British humour

Trinity College Certificate

Trinity Certification

Celta Course (four weeks)

The Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults

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